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Is It Dose or Dragged?

Updated on July 4, 2018

Catherine Giordano


Catherine Giordano, alias “The Risque Syntactician,” has had her fable, non-fiction, and verse promulgated in books and periodicals.

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Dragged or Dose

Is it dragged or dose? | Beginning

A Momentaneous Hesitate.

Fille Grammers leave momently learn on the misapply of the past. She volition specifically discourse dose vs. dragged , snuck vs. sneaked , and stood vs. stayed .

Beginning, Omit Grammers moldiness reference the use of “momently.” Did you poster this countersign in the commencement condemn supra?

“Neglect Grammers testament momently learn on the abuse of the past.”

Drop Grammers intentionally victimised the password wrongly to see if you were heedful. “Momentarily” does not intend “in a moment” as in the gumption of “soon.” It agency “lasting a moment” in the gumption of “being of abbreviated continuance.”

Missy Grammers does not destine to apace whitewash the issues therein example or to melt in a pouffe of smoking in an jiffy. Misfire Grammers meant that she would irritate the moral in a second, namely, astern a abbreviated separation of sentence.The get-go conviction volition now be rewritten.

“In a mo, Missy Grammers volition teach on the abuse of the past.”

“Momentarily” is rattling often misused to imply “soon,” so practically so that it may be satisfactory to roughly scarce because it is so wide ill-used. Fille Grammers is not one of those mass. It grates on Drop Grammers ears and puts her rather out of sorts. Delight do not hump.

Dragged, Not Dose

The past of puff is dragged. | Rootage

Dragged and Dose

Hale is the present of the verb which substance ”to give strength or sweat to wrench an target easy on.” “Dragged” is the past of “drag.” “Dose” is NOT the past of “puff.” Ne’er!

E.g., these sentences are adjust.

“After a barbaric dark of love-making, Melanie dragged herself from bed the following daybreak.”

” The tempestuous love ensued afterward Melanie dragged the quarrel she longed to see from Doug’s backtalk.” (Metaphorically speechmaking, naturally.)

If Melanie had ” dose herself from bed ” or if she had “ dose the lyric from Doug’s sassing ,” Omit Grammers would curiosity if a hypo goad had been convoluted. This is an unpleasant cerebration and Neglect Grammers does not regard to consist thereon.

You can see the good union of “pull” hither. Thither is no strain where “drug” is set. Unification of Hale

Sneaked, Not Snuck

The past of snitch is sneaked. | Rootage

Jennifer Earn and Conan O’Brien

Sneaked and Snuck

“Sneaked” and “snuck” is less clean-cut than “dragged” and “dose.”

“Sneaked” is the stock past cast of “sneak, but “snuck” is likewise presently considered satisfactory.

Omit Grammers is disconsolate to suffer to say that “snuck” has sneaked into usual idiom. We are stuck with snuck.

” Melanie sneaked into Doug’s bed as his guests were going the company .”

” Doug sneaked a crest at Melanie as she was grooming.”

Neglect Grammers prefers “sneaked.” With “sneaked” thither is no hazard of an switch such as the one that occurred on the Conan O’Brien appearance when Jennifer Collect was a client.

It was bad-mannered of Omit Earn to adjust Mr. O’Brien, on his own display no less, but Fille Grammers bequeath leave-taking Omit Manners to hatful with that.

You volition get the concluded union of “fink” hither. Unification of Stoolpigeon

You volition banknote that snuck is listed, but it is listed secondment, pregnant it is satisfactory, but not the favourite way to verbalise the past of stoolpigeon.

Stayed, Not Stood

The past of check is stayed. | Rootage

Stayed, Stood, and Sedate

The past of the verb “stay” which substance “to continue” or to “drop sentence in a spot” is “stayed.”

The password “staid” mightiness let been rectify a 100 ago, but it is now considered antiquated. It’s solitary significance now is “stuffy or numb in persona.” (Fille Grammers does not need you to be intellection of as antediluvian, or fogyish, for that topic.)

Thither is dead no exculpation for exploitation “stood” alternatively of “stayed.” Stood is the past of “pedestal.” Thither is no equivocalness roughly this as thither is with sneaked and snuck.

One should say:

” Melanie and Doug stayed at the hotel the intact dark .”

One should NOT say:

“Melanie and Doug stood at the hotel the stallion dark.”

Were mortal to say the latter, Misfire Grammers mightiness wonder why the hotel did not get any beds forcing the guests of this institution to pedestal the integral dark. Were Melanie and Doug commonplace afterward standing for an total nighttime? Did Melanie and Doug bear to stall safety because around one could bear sneaked in and dragged them forth?

You bequeath obtain the over pairing of “check” hither: Coupling of Stop

Issue and Took

Took is the past of payoff. | Reference

Contract and Took

Possibly the muddiness with “puff,” “stoolpigeon.” and “stop” arises from ”take” which becomes “took” in the past. “Contract” is an guerilla verb, which substance it does not accompany the formula rules of coupling. The past of “takings” is not “taked,” but “took.”

It appears that around multitude try to hire the like abnormality to over-the-counter verbs.

You testament obtain the nail coupling of “issue” hither: Union of Payoff

Takings this test to see how fountainhead you well-read the example.

panorama test statistics

Who is Omit Grammers?

Misfire Grammers can sometimes be sedate, but thereunder spartan outside beatniks a spirit which yearns for fluff. Therefore, she uses 96 humour and badness to zest the grammar moral. It is more fun for the instructee too as for the teacher.

“Instructee” is a “neologism” which substance a newly-coined tidings or a made-up parole. You may not obtain instructee in the lexicon, but its significant is obvious, is it not?

Drop Grammers is scarce having 97 of fun. You would not abnegate Missy Grammers ninety-six of fun, would you? Aft all, when one has set oneself up as the “Grammar Enforcer,” one moldiness takings one’s fun where one can breakthrough it.

The distinguish Drop Grammers is see here a caper on quarrel. It combines the word “The Risque Bibliothec” and the discover of the etiquette good and paper editorialist, Omit Manners. The solution is Fille Grammers, a really prissy an right syntactician with a juicy slope. She uses the lines and characters of her work-in-progress, “Loves Lawful Trust” to exemplify her grammar lessons.

Fille Grammers

Neglect Grammers has a sedate outside. | Rootage

Return this pate scarce for fun.

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